I am an extrovert, an optimist, an academic, a scholar, a professor, a glorified nerd, a PhD student, an author, a vegan, an amateur photographer, happy, a liberal, a lover of life, an advocate for equality, an advocate for animals, an admirable Scrabble opponent, an InstaGramer, adventurous, sarcastic at times, an iPad addict, a wannabe yogi, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a friend, and a sufferer of chronic pain.

I love coffee, walking along the ocean, good conversation, my family, my friends, my two rescue cats, taking pictures, exploring the world around me, learning new things, road trips, traveling, animals, to laugh, having new experiences, yoga, cupcakes, yummy vegan food, Thai food, sushi, Cafe Gratitude, concerts, the ocean, sea creatures, celebrating taco Tuesday, meeting new people, having new experiences, and life.

I am happiness. I am sunshine. I am love.